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Oscar fires Shanghai past Shenzhen in CSL******

SUZHOU, China, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- Shanghai Port midfielder Oscar played a key role in helping the team ease past Shenzhen FC 3-1 in the 2021 Chinese Super League (CSL) here on Monday.。

Shanghai broke the deadlock in the 31st minute, when midfielder Paulinho crossed for defender Li Shenyuan to smash in a volley to take the lead.。

Just eight minutes later, Shanghai midfielder Aaron Mooy was tripped, with Oscar slotting home the resultant free-kick to double the lead.。

After the break, Shenzhen defender Pei Shuai's long pass found Frank Acheampong, who dribbled through the defense to pull one back for Shenzhen.。

However, Oscar demonstrated his prowess again in the 66th minute by gifting Mooy an easy shot to seal Shanghai's victory.。

Shenzhen head coach Carlos Granero paid tribute to Oscar after the game, deeming his free kick and assist as the key to Shanghai's success.。

Elsewhere, the game between Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou FC was goalless until the 82nd minute, before Zhang Yuning headed home from Gao Tianyi's corner to secure a 1-0 win for Beijing.。

Also on Monday, Shandong Taishan crushed Hebei FC 5-0, while Changchun Yatai defeated Guangzhou City 2-0.。

Shanghai Shenhua faces Cangzhou Mighty Lions on Tuesday, while Qingdao FC takes on Wuhan FC on Wednesday. Enditem。

Analysis: Four things we learned from Spain's Matchday 14******

MADRID, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- Real Madrid moved back to the top of La Liga on Sunday as football returned after the international break, while Xavi Hernandez had a winning debut at Barcelona. Here are some things we learned over the past 48 hours in Spain.。

1. Xavi has a lot of work to do。

FC Barcelona won their first game under Xavi Hernandez on Saturday night with a 1-0 victory over Espanyol, but nobody who saw the game can be under any illusions that the return of the former midfielder is going to be a quick fix.。

Xavi showed faith in youth, with 3 teenagers in his starting 11 and in the first half his side looked to be aggressive and press their rivals high up the field. However, in the second half they lost their shape and although a very questionable penalty gave them the win, with a bit more luck in front of goal Espanyol would have taken something from the game.。

The injuries don't help, but Xavi has a lot of work to do.。

2. Vinicius is at last fulfilling his promise。

Real Madrid romped back to the top of La Liga with a 4-1 demolition of Granada, partly inspired by their Brazilian winger, who not only scored his eighth goal of the season, but also provoked a red card for Granada defender, Monchu, who got his marching orders with 23 minutes left to play for a wild lunge at Vinicius' knee.。

The winger's 56th minute goal was his eighth league goal of the season -- matching the number of league goals he scored in his first three years at the club and his improvement has come at exactly the right time.。

Maybe Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has played a role in his improvement.。

3. Bordalas makes his mark at Valencia。

Real Sociedad lost the leadership after being held to a 0-0 draw at home to Valencia in a controversial game in which Valencia showed their cynical side. The team coached by former Getafe boss, Jose Bordalas committed a string of niggling fouls, most of which looked to break up Real Sociedad attacks in their own half, but they also wasted every second of time and were guilty of some blatant diving and play-acting to try and get rivals booked.。

Valencia saw seven yellow cards in the game and it could have been more, but ironically it was Real Sociedad who ended up with a player sent off after Aritz Elustondo was shown the red card for reacting after being pushed violently to the floor by Daniel Wass just a couple of minutes after Maxi Gomez has body checked him in the ribs.。

Valencia now play like Getafe did under Bordalas and referees have to be aware of their tactics.。

4. Escriba pays the price at Elche。

Fran Escriba became the fourth coach to be sacked this season after his side's 3-0 defeat to Betis on Sunday afternoon, with the club showing him the door less than an hour after the final whistle.。

Escriba will always be a hero at the club after leading them to promotion in 2013 in his first spell and then saving them from relegation in the last game of last season, but a run of six games without a win has now ended his second spell.。

Given that Elche's main ambition this season is to avoid relegation, the decision seems harsh, but it merely shows how important it is to a club's economy to stay in the top-flight and that means patience is a virtue in short supply. Enditem。

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苹果发布会:MacBook Pro 用上刘海屏 、AirPods 3 价格公布,M1 家族再添悍将******摘要

除了全新设计的 MacBook Pro 之外,M1 Pro/Max 芯片、AirPods 3 和新配色的 HomePod mini 也和大家见面了。

手中的 iPhone 13 还没捂热乎,苹果又带着一系列新品「来炸场」了。这次的主角是我们期待已久的 MacBook Pro,它搭载了全新的 M1 Pro/Max 芯片,性能和续航各种翻倍,更适合专业用户使用。除此之外,苹果还带来了「跳票」多次的 AirPods 3 和新配色的 HomePod mini,一起来快速了解下这次的新产品吧。


AirPods 3:1399 元

MacBook Pro 14:14999~44999 元

MacBook Pro 16:18999~45999 元

AirPods 第三代+Apple Music 声控方案+HomePod mini 新配色

在发布会一开始,苹果就快速发布了两个小「产品」,Apple Music 的新订阅内容——声控方案(Voice Plan)和 HomePod mini 的三个新配色。

HomePod mini 推出了蓝色、黄色、橙色三个新配色,算上之前的就有的深空灰和白色,目前 HomePod mini 一共有五个配色供用户选择。这个操作其实跟今年春季发布会上,推出紫色的 iPhone 12 类似,应该都是为了刺激产品销量,毕竟它们在功能和体验上并没有什么不同。

音乐部分,最重磅的还是这款曝光了将近一年的 AirPods 3,当然它的官方名称应该「AirPods(第三代)」,最大的升级是支持了空间音频功能,也就是说从 AirPods、AirPods Pro 到 AirPods Pro,目前全系列最新的耳机都支持了空间音频功能。

这款曝光了将近一年的 AirPods 3 采用了全新的外观设计,跟曝光信息没有什么出入,基本上可以看做是没有耳塞的 AirPods Pro,但耳机柄更短一些,不过我相信确实有很多人会喜欢非入耳式的设计。它和 AirPods Pro 一样拥有 IPX4 的抗汗抗水能力。

充电盒也变得更宽、更扁,外观上与 AirPods Pro 也很相似。AirPods 3 支持无线充电,同时也支持 MagSafe 磁吸充电,单次续航时间也达到了 6 个小时,充电盒能够提供额外的 4 次充电,也就是说它最高能提供 30 个小时的续航表现,而且充电盒这次还提供了充电 5 分钟使用 1 小时的快充功能。

除此之外,AirPods 3 采用了全新的低失真度驱动单元,官方表示能够提供更浑厚的低音和更纯粹的高音表现。新加入的自适应均衡器(EQ)功能则会跟用户的耳形自动调整音乐效果,内向式麦克风也会检测音频,并调整低频和中频音域,提供更好的聆听效果。

AirPods 3 耳机两侧还拥有特制的声学网罩内都有嵌入式麦克风,能够在通话时降低风噪。耳机柄区域的力度感应器,能让用户够通过按压实现播放、暂停、切换歌曲等功能。

目前 AirPods 3 已经在苹果商店接受订购,价格为 1399 元,将会在 10 月 28 日正式发售。

回过头我们再来看看两个「配角」,这个全新的声控方案其实在音乐内容上和其他的订阅方式并没有什么区别,甚至是有所缩水的,比如它不支持在其他支持 Apple Music 上播放、不支持空间音频、不支持全曲库无损音频、不支持歌词显示,也不支持下载歌曲。但它的优势是在价格方面,每个月的订阅费用为 5 元,而标准的个人订阅服务费用则是 10 元/月。

全新 M1 Pro 和 M1 Max:比别人强,竟然还比别人省电

伴随全新一代 MacBook Pro 到来,M1 芯片也迎来了更新。凌晨结束的发布会上,苹果正式发布了全新的 M1 Pro 以及 M1 Max 芯片。其中,M1 Pro 基于 M1 打造,而 M1 Max 则基于 M1 Pro 打造,就此大家应该也能猜到,M1 Max 综合性能表现要来得更加强大。

首先是 M1 Pro 芯片。这颗芯片采用了 5nm 制作工艺,内部封装有 337 亿个晶体管,数量是此前 M1 芯片的两倍还多,而更多的晶体管,也让芯片本身性能表现迎来了新的突破。

M1 Pro 采用了 10 核 CPU 设计,包括 8 个高性能核心和 2 个高能效核心。根据发布会上官方公布的数据,它的 CPU 性能表现比去年的 M1 芯片提升了 70%,提升幅度非常明显。图形处理能力也有升级,这代 M1 芯片升级到了 16 核 GPU,比 M1 多了 8 个。

同时,苹果进一步拓宽了内存带宽,M1 Pro 的内存带宽高达 200GB/s,几乎是 M1 芯片的 3 倍,最高支持 32GB 内存。更大内存带宽配合更强的 GPU 能力,使其图形处理能力较 M1 芯片有了 2 倍的提升幅度。此外,针对视频处理,这次苹果也做了改进优化。

借助全新媒体处理引擎,M1 Pro 允许以相对较低的功耗实现更快的视频处理速度。更重要的一点在于,这颗芯片增加了 ProRes 加速功能,能在同时播放多个 4K 和 8K 视频流的情况下,依旧保持低功耗。除了以上我们提到的这些,它还允许同时连接多个外接显示设备。

接下来是 M1 Max。对于这颗芯片,苹果将其描述为「专业级电脑上前所未见」。就像前边我们说到的那样,它是基于 M1 Pro 打造,各项性能指标无论对比 M1 Pro 还是更早的 M1 芯片,都有明显提升。

比较明显的提升之处,是 M1 Max 拥有更高的内存带宽,它在 M1 Pro 的基础上又翻了一番,达到了 400GB/s,纸面数据已经是 M1 芯片的 6 倍。将内存带宽提上来之后,使得 M1 Max 能够支持到了 64GB 内存,对于那些追求顶级性能的用户来说,是一个不错的消息。

作为迄今为止苹果最大的一颗芯片,内部晶体管数量也来到了更恐怖的数值,高达 570 亿个,是 M1 Pro 的 1.7 倍,M1 的 3.5 倍。庞大的晶体数量,让这颗芯片拥有着足够强悍的性能表现。它同样采用了 10 核 CPU,但 GPU 性能更强。

在 M1 Pro 上,苹果为其用的是 16 核 GPU,到了 M1 Max 这里,则直接改成了 32 核 GPU,并且用到了 2 个 ProRes 加速器,图形处理能力是 M1 芯片的 4 倍,视频编码速度也有了 2 倍的提升幅度。这对于视频工作者们来说,非常有吸引力。

无论 M1、M1 Pro 还是 M1 Max,出色的能耗控制,都是重头戏。对比其它 PC 芯片,M1 Pro 和 M1 Max 的优势在于,性能表现基本持平的情况下,它们的功耗控制更低;功耗大致相同的条件下,M1 Pro 以及 M1 Max 则能提供更强的性能。

更低的功耗控制,也为 M1 Pro/Max 芯片带来了直接的使用体验提升。通常,为了获得足够强大的图形处理能力,通常专业级 PC 都会上独立显卡,想要让其持续保持高性能工作,一个必要的条件便是接通电源使用。但 M1 Pro/Max 芯片对此不再限制。

简单来说,使用搭载 M1 Pro/Max 芯片笔记本处理图形任务时,即便不连接电源适配器,仅仅依靠电池进行供电,它的处理能力依旧可以保持一致的水准。这也意味着,拿着笔记本在户外工作时,你再也不需要担心没有外接电源供电而影响到工作效率,即拍即剪。

出色的软硬件结合能力,是苹果一直以来的优势。带来全新 M1 Pro 和 M1 Max 芯片的同时,苹果也设计了全新 macOS 系统。新系统进一步优化了性能调配机制,既可以保证流畅打开/运行各类 app,也能将功耗控制在一个相对合理的范围内。

另据发布会上苹果官方公布的数据,重新设计的 macOS 配合新一代 M1 芯片,能让其平均机器学习能力提升 3 倍,某些场景下甚至能有 20 倍的提升幅度,提升幅度非常可观。并且,其对各类 app 也有了更好的支持。

比如,现在你可以在搭载 M1 Pro 或者 M1 Max 芯片的 MacBook Pro 上,通过 Logic Pro 直接处理制作体量庞大的空间音频;而 Compress 中 ProRes 视频的转码速度甚至能达到此前 M1 芯片的 10 倍,可以说非常强悍。

这部分做个小结:M1 Pro 和 M1 Max 共有的特性是,整体性能表现更强,功耗控制却比其它 PC 芯片更低。

刘海设计成真,苹果重新定义 MacBook Pro

全新 MacBook Pro 是整场发布会的主角,这次苹果不仅为它配备了强劲的 M1 Pro 和 M1 Max 芯片,还重新设计了形态外观,同时升级了接口规格。在我看来,这也许是多年以来,一次真正意义上的升级。

先来说刘海屏设计,虽然它和 iPhone 上的刘海非常相似,但并没有 Face ID 功能,而是集成了画质更好的 1080p 摄像头。采用这种设计其实很好理解,因为新一代 MacBook Pro 的边框比之前窄了很多,但同时还要容纳下高规格摄像头,所以就只能占用屏幕空间了,恰好 iPhone 现成的刘海屏设计已被大众所接受,MacBook Pro 直接「抄作业」就好,这样看起来还更像一家人。

当然了,苹果也知道刘海造型确实不美观,所以在系统层面进行了补足。它将 macOS 顶部的菜单栏和刘海所在的横向区域进行了融合,而且从宣传图中可以发现,新款 MacBook Pro 的菜单栏很多时候都会以深色显示,恰好能与刘海区域融为一体(甚至不排除有「一键隐藏刘海」功能),如此一来就与正常笔记本别无二致了。

同时你还可以发现,如果去掉刘海屏所占据的横向空间(74 个像素高度),两款 MacBook Pro 的屏幕分辨率分别为 3024×1890(14 英寸)和 3456 ×2160(16 英寸),折算下来,屏幕比例与之前的产品一样都为 16:10。所以从这个角度来看,新款 MacBook Pro 实际上比之前增加了更多有效显示面积。同时,这块 Liquid 视网膜 XDR 显示屏素质也很不错,它采用了 mini-LED 技术,亮度高达 1000 尼特(峰值 1600 尼特),支持原彩显示、P3 色域和 ProMotion 高刷新率(最高 120Hz)。

在外观设计上,新一代 MacBook Pro 并没有采用网上盛传的「平直边框」设计,而是改成了类似之前 PowerBook 的复古造型。从宣传图中可以看出,新款 MacBook Pro 在保持整体方正的同时,还留有圆润的边角过度。而在厚度和重量方面,MacBook Pro 14/16 的厚度为 1.55/1.68 厘米,重量为 1.6/2.1kg,考虑到 MacBook Pro 做工精良的金属机身,这样的重量控制在各自尺寸级别中算是比较出色的。

在接口方面,苹果做出了「文艺复兴」的举动,这也算是否定了多年前一统接口为 USB-C 的草率决定。具体来看,首先是恢复了 MagSafe 磁吸充电,而且支持快充,30 分钟即可回血一半。另外,还加入了 HDMI 接口和 SDXC 读卡插槽,发布会上还借此补充到之后不再需要扩展坞了。最后,保留了三个雷雳 4 接口(支持充电)。而更好的消息是,这次 MacBook Pro 14/16 两种尺寸版本的接口规格完全一致。

其他细节方面,新一代 MacBook Pro 的扬声器、麦克风、键盘(取消 TouchBar 回归了功能键)均有升级。另外特别要说的是,它的续航能力相比之前也大幅提升,一方面是电池容量本身就足够大(70Wh/100Wh),另一方面,再加上苹果芯片出色的能效表现,所以它的续航表现更是非常优异,而且关键一点在于,使用电池供电时,性能也能够保持充分的释放。

最后说一下核心配置,新一代 MacBook Pro 由 M1 Pro 和 M1 Max 驱动,意料之中,库克这次将它的刀法修炼到了登峰造极的境界。具体来看,M1 Pro 分为 3 个版本,CPU/GPU 核心数分别为 8/14、10/14、10/16,而 M1 Max 分为了两个版本,CPU/GPU 核心数分别为 8/24、10/32。两款芯片总计 5 个版本,覆盖到了两种尺寸的 MacBook Pro 上……而至于它的性能,我们上文中已经做过详细解读。

而在价格方面,MacBook Pro 与去年的 M1 MacBook 拉开了很大的距离,毕竟定位专业级别,而且升级幅度非常大。具体来看,两种尺寸的版本内存有 16GB/32GB/64GB 可选,固态硬盘则有 512GB/1TB/2TB/4TB/8TB 可选,对应到售价上,MacBook Pro 14 的起步价格为 14999 元,顶配价格为 44499 元,而 MacBook Pro 16 的起步价格为 18999 元,顶配价格为 45999 元。

本文由极客公园 GeekPark 原创发布,转载请添加极客君(ID:geekparker)。


Bundesliga leaders Bayern whitewash Union Berlin 5******

BERLIN, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- Bayern Munich recovered from their hammering German Cup exit and returned to winning ways after cruising 5-2 past Union Berlin at the 10th round of Bundesliga on Saturday.。

The Bavarians left no doubt that they wanted to make amends for their 5-0 knockout as the Bundesliga front runners took the reins from the staring whistle after Leroy Sane missed the target just wide with 7 minutes gone.。

Bayern was rewarded eight minutes later though as Robert Lewandowski broke the deadlock after capitalizing on a hand ball penalty.。

The Pole wasn't done with the scoring and wrapped up his brace with 23 minutes played after curling a free kick past Union goalkeeper Andreas Luthe into the top right corner.。

Although the German giants were two goals in front, they pressed frenetically forward as Lewandowski tested Luthe in a one-on-one before Sane tripled the advantage by latching onto Thomas Muller's assist in the 34th minute.。

The hosts eventually showed a sign of life in the closing stages of the first half as Niko Giesselmann beat Bayern custodian Manuel Neuer from eight meters to make it 3-1 on the scoreboards.。

Union came out highly motivated after the break and came close twice, but Neuer denied Sheraldo Becker and Timo Baumgartl in quick succession in the 51st minute.。

Becker continued to keep Bayern's defence busy, but Neuer was once again on guard to defuse Becker's shot to the far post moments later.。

Bayern responded clinically and established their three-goal lead out of thin air as Kingsley Coman danced through Berlin's defence before finishing off a counterattack into the roof of the net at the hour mark.。

Resilient Union remained unimpressed and halved the deficit four minutes later when Kevin Behrens teed up for Julian Ryerson, who made no mistake to overcome Neuer from inside the box.。

Bayern responded in style and put the result beyond doubt after Dayot Upamecano raced down the pitch before finding Muller, who made it 5-2 from 12 meters in the 79th minute.。

"We ensured a good start into the game. The two conceded goals are annoying, but we are nevertheless satisfied with the win as we have shown a reaction," Bayern goalie Manuel Neuer said.。

With the result, Bayern maintain their one-point lead atop the standings meanwhile Union Berlin slipped to the 6th spot after suffering its second loss of the season.。

Elsewhere, runners-up Borussia Dortmund remain on Bayern's heels after seeing off Cologne 2-0 on the goals from Thorgan Hazard and Steffen Tigges.。

Third placed Freiburg extended their unbeaten run to 10 games after moving 3-1 past newly promoted Greuther Furth, who suffered their 8th straight defeat.。

Wolfsburg ended their three-game losing streak and reaped a 2-0 win over Bayer Leverkusen while wasteful Mainz edged bottom side Arminia Bielefeld 2-1. Enditem。

Martin Pongracic (L) of Dortmund vies with Jan Thielmann of Cologne during a German first division Bundesliga football match between Borussia Dortmund and FC Cologne in Dortmund, Germany, Oct. 30, 2021. (Photo by Joachim Bywaletz/Xinhua)。

Marius Wolf (L) of Dortmund vies for header with Benno Schmitz of Cologne during a German first division Bundesliga football match between Borussia Dortmund and FC Cologne in Dortmund, Germany, Oct. 30, 2021. (Photo by Joachim Bywaletz/Xinhua)。

Marco Reus (L) of Dortmund vies with Timo Huebers of Cologne during a German first division Bundesliga football match between Borussia Dortmund and FC Cologne in Dortmund, Germany, Oct. 30, 2021. (Photo by Joachim Bywaletz/Xinhua)。

Marco Reus (R) of Dortmund vies with Mark Uth of Cologne during a German first division Bundesliga football match between Borussia Dortmund and FC Cologne in Dortmund, Germany, Oct. 30, 2021. (Photo by Joachim Bywaletz/Xinhua)。

Players of Wolfsburg celebrate during a German first division Bundesliga football match between VfL Wolfsburg and Bayer 04 Leverkusen in Leverkusen, Germany, Oct. 30, 2021. (Photo by Ulrich Hufnagel/Xinhua)。

Josuha Guilavogui (L) of Wolfsburg vies with Lucas Alario of Leverkusen during a German first division Bundesliga football match between VfL Wolfsburg and Bayer 04 Leverkusen in Leverkusen, Germany, Oct. 30, 2021. (Photo by Ulrich Hufnagel/Xinhua)。


1.李想:理想纯电车型充电10分钟续航400公里 明年推出第一款纯电车型

2.17家知名开发商联名求助后 合肥市委书记召开专题会议



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